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Ruta Smailyte contemporary singer

Laulunopetus Kuopiossa

30min laulutunti


Laulustudio Männistössä, Kuopiossa



45min laulutunti


Laulustudio Männistössä, Kuopiossa



50min laulutunti


Laulustudio Männistössä, Kuopiossa



5 x 30min 170e

5 x 45min 210e

5x 50min 235e

Laulustudio Männistössä, Kuopiossa



Laulutunneilla opitaan:

  • Ergonominen lauluasento

  • Palleahengitys

  • Äänenavauksia 

  • Toiminnallista laulutekniikan harjoittelua

  • Laulamaan kappaleita monenlaisilla rytmimusiikin tyyleillä



  • Musiikinperusteet 

  • Jazz-laulaminen, improvisaatio ja scat 

  • Työkaluja varmempaan esiintymiseen, esiintymisjännityksen hallitsemisen harjoitukset


Työni tärkeimmät pilarit opetuksessani ovat:

- nauttia laulamisesta 

- lauluäänen kehittäminen toiminnallisen harjoituksen avulla (Lovetri-metodi) 

- jokaisen oman yksilöllisyyden ja uniikin musiikillisen ilmaisun löytäminen eri tyylilajeja käyttämällä.


I have started teaching in 2009, during my vocal studies at the ICMP, London. Since then, the passion for music education has only been growing. So far, I have been working with singers in England, Lithuania and Finland. I am adapted to work with various types of singers, from a young child, who is just becoming curious about the art of singing, young professionals, who are taking steps into the music business or more mature singers who simply enjoy music as a form of relaxation.
There is no secret formula in mastering the voice. There is no quick way to sing like a star in 5 minutes, what can sometimes be seen in some headlines online. Singing involves muscles, bones and tissues, so learning a healthy technique takes time, just like any other worth while activity involving your body, like instrument playing, dancing, sports, etc. Each of us have our own challenges, habits and also successes, that is why I put extra effort to understand and reach the person I am working with, therefore differentiation is an integral part in my lessons.
So, no singer who comes to my sessions is allowed to skip learning about healthy vocal technique. That means understanding what happens with our bodies when we breathe and start to sing, how to be in control of sound production to achieve appropriate elements of each style, how to overcome habits that get in the way.
It is my mission to share my understanding and help uncover the natural beauty in every voice.
Remember, knowledge means confidence. I get so many singers frightened of singing in public and the most common cause is not knowing and not understanding what is happening either with their voices or their bodies.
However, do not think that my singing lessons are just series of exercises and biology lessons! All of the above technical stuff is dressed up into fun lessons including body work, breathing, vocal warm ups & song practice! So you get to sing songs you always wanted to sing, but were too afraid to. With professional guidance and practicing, wonderful things can be achieved!
So if it you feel like singing after reading this, drop me a line and let's have a chat!

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